Thinking of doing a 5k-a-day thing as my personal tribute to the Boston Marathon Bombings… oh well, I’ll think on it. Off to running.

Boston Blood Donations Update

Just called Mass General Hospital - they have enough blood on hand for today, but they said it would be ‘wonderful’ if people would come and give blood tomorrow / the next few days. Pass the word.

Brigham Women’s is also at a Code Amber, which means no one who is not being treated or staff is being allowed entrance. Again, please donate tomorrow.

22 confirmed injured, 2 dead. That number is likely to rise.

My city right now…. T__T

We’re all okay.

I live .9 miles from Copley Sq. We’re all okay.

People in the marathon are being rerouted to the Common. The Marathon is over. Accounting for running friends now as we speak.

Atleast 50 people injured.